Yakima Schools Chief Sends Note to Parents About Tragedy

We must protect the city. The words of Yakima Police Captain Jay Seely when asked why the Yakima Police Department no longer has armed resource officers at colleges across the city. Seely says that in the past, the department had enough officers to cover all areas of the city and place officers in high schools and colleges around the city. But this is no longer the case. Now, armed officers are now in Davis and Eisenhower high schools.

Shortages have forced the ministry to make tough decisions

The city lacks 12 to 14 officers. This shortage not only forced the cancellation of the college resource officers, but also forced the city to cancel the traffic unit last year. It was hoped the unit could be restarted in June, but Seely says that won’t happen. He hopes to have a full police force by the end of the year. Seely says two armed resource officers work at Davis and Eisenhower high schools. He also says the department is working closely with the Yakima School District to reinforce school entrances and create safety plans. Seely says the district recently hired a retired officer to coordinate private security in the district.

Yakima Schools Superintendent Dr. Trevor Greene says his heart is broken

Yakima School District Superintendent Dr. Trevor Greene emailed parents in the district on Tuesday;
“Like all of you, my heart is heavy and broken by the news of the senseless shooting and death of at least 19 children and at least two adults at an elementary school in Texas today. It pains me to share information about this tragedy, the 30 school shooting in our country in 2022 and the deadliest since the Florida shooting in 2018. Our schools are meant to be a place of discovery and joy, a place filled with exploration and growth and a safe and peaceful home away from home. from a horrific disaster. I want to assure our staff and families that YSD has a strong safety and security team working hard every day to protect the well-being of our school’s valued occupants. We call on our school community to work together to keep our schools peaceful and safe by reporting any signs of suspicious activity or behavior to our school or district personnel. We can’t say or do anything to make this horrible situation better, but it just isn’t. The only thing we can do at this time is to send our thoughts, support, prayers, light – or however you express your love and care – to those affected by the incomprehensible tragedy of ‘today.”

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