Will Smith gives tourists a terrifying glimpse of Dubai’s craziest attraction yet

In Hollywood, they say aim for the stars, the sky is the limit, or any idiom that involves shooting yourself high. But what can you accomplish when you do the opposite and aim down?

That’s exactly what global megastar Will Smith just did, plunging into the world’s deepest pool.

Taking to Instagram with a video to share with his followers, the Prince of Fresh Bel Air The star revealed he was at Deep Dive Dubai, a brand new attraction in the billionaire’s playground that opened on July 7, 2021. With a depth of 60.02 meters / 197 feet, he comfortably claims the crowned.

What makes Deep Dive Dubai so exhilarating is that it’s not just a pool that lets you descend to unimaginable depths. It’s been modeled to resemble an underwater city, which means divers can explore various nooks and crannies, without needing to keep an eye out for what might be swimming behind them to eat them for breakfast.

Speaking to his followers, Will says he’s “still in Dubai… and a friend of mine told me I had to check out this pool, there’s something weird about it”.

He then dives the camera underwater to show how deep it is and the sculptures that can be explored.

So far, he hasn’t posted any video of himself diving into the pool, but we wouldn’t be surprised if anything happened in the next few days.

Deep Dive Dubai – which holds some 14 million liters of water and is heated to 30 degrees – has dethroned Deepspot, another deep freshwater swimming pool in Poland that opened in 2020, with a depth of 45m. And, of course, being found in Dubai, there are plenty of other attractions, including conference spaces, an 80-seat restaurant, and a video editing bay.

The official website says:

“Explore a breathtaking underwater attraction with a theme resembling an abandoned sunken city. It will take several dives to explore this vast underwater city, full of adventure and wonder. The pool is equipped with 56 cameras to ensure the safety of divers. State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems create a variety of underwater atmospheres.

We don’t know what would be the scariest. Dive to great depths or swim in our speedos 115 feet in the air, as you can with the recently opened Sky Pool in London, England.

We’re going to stick with Bondi Icebergs for now, thank you.

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