Visitors think these are the cheapest tourist attractions in every state

It is always difficult to know, when visiting a new destination, which tourist attractions are worth visiting and which are not. This is even more true when the cost of admission is high. Luckily, sites like Tripadvisor exist, allowing you to read the reviews of other travelers so you can gauge in advance how worthy of your money they are.

That said, it can sometimes be difficult to sift through these reviews, so CashNetUSA’s SavingSpot has gone ahead and done it for you.

“[We don’t] want you to waste your time, your money or your wonder. So we scoured Tripadvisor to find tourist attractions with the most mentions of the word ‘expensive’ in their reviews and sorted them by U.S. state, country, and continent,” the study says.

The results, especially in the United States, are moderately surprising… if not also a bit uneven. For example, in Vermont, the cheapest attraction is Ben & Jerry’s. In New York, it’s the Empire State Building. Of course, while these things are relative, Ben & Jerry’s (although delicious) barely deserves the same level of distinction as one of New York’s most iconic buildings. (Also, on the subject of New York, what about horse-drawn carriages in Central Park? Or literally anything in Times Square?)

I also think it’s worth mentioning that “expensive” and “not worth it” are also not synonymous. I’ve never been to the National WWII Museum, but I’d venture to assume it’s probably worth the cost of admission. The Grand Canyon Skywalk can cost nearly $70, but it also offers stunning views of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Also, my boss lives and dies near Hersheypark, so it’s really a matter of perspective.

Below is a map of the cheapest tourist attractions in all 50 states, per SavingSpot:

CashNet USA

As for the cheapest attractions in the world? My feelings are pretty much the same, although the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is number one, which seems fair to me considering tickets start at $109. The (historic) Tower of London is also on the list, however, just after St. Mark’s Square and Edinburgh Castle, so… take that with a grain of salt.

Below is a map of the cheapest tourist attractions in the world:

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