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Kolhapur: tourist spots in the district – historical monuments, dams, wildlife reserves, adventure parks, etc. – were closed to the public from Monday.
District collector Rahul Rekhawar issued new guidelines on Monday in light of the increase in Covid cases. As a result, the tourist places classified in the category of historical monuments which have been prohibited for public visit are Pawangad, Pawankhind, Khidrapur, Pohale Caves, Palsambe Caves, birthplace of Shahu Maharaj, Chakreshwarwadi and Nesari, Mahipalgad .
In the category of water bodies, the Radhanagari, Kalammawadi, Tilari, Patgaon, Manoli, Kode, Rankala Lake, Jaysingrao Lake Kagal, Chitri Dam, Jangamhatti Dam dams were closed to the public. Shivaji University Botanical Garden, Radhanagari / Dajipur Shrine, Chandoli National Park, Morjai Plateau, Masai Plateau, Vishalgad Road, Kalamba Lake, Amba Sacred Furrow and Mahipalgad are in the biodiversity / forest category, while the vertical adventure park Jeur, Vesraf and Chitri in the category of adventure activities was closed to the public. Meanwhile, the inclusion of Rankala and Kalamba lakes in the list shocked morning walkers.
Dileep Kulkarni, a regular morning walker at Lake Rankala, said: “Elections and rallies are underway, but Covid’s safety rules are only imposed on commoners. If gymnasiums are allowed to operate at 50% capacity then why ban morning walkers who walk for their fitness. The KMC and the police only intervene in the morning at these places, and then throughout the day, these places remain crowded with visitors. “
Uday Patil, a resident of Kalamba, said: “This time we will not listen to the administration. We are walking for our fitness and took both doses. Weddings, elections, and everything else is allowed, so why restrict activities that improve fitness.

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