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Top 9 travel destinations for winter vacation 2021

Posted on October 16, 2021

We all look forward to the end of the year vacation and the majority of us have a lot of plans to explore the best destinations. The whole world is a beautiful place to visit, yet there are some places that are definitely worth exploring. So if you love to travel, you might have already packed your bags.

After Covid-19, prices for flights and other travel expenses were increased, so make sure you have a sufficient budget to fund the trip. We’ve added a list of the top destinations in the blog, so be sure to check out the top spots this year.


You may have heard of the famous Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. It is a place with a plethora of magnificent landscapes and magnificent mountains. Once you get there, you will surely love the hospitality of the people, the different cuisines, the festivals and the city itself. Whenever a person decides to explore the best places in the world in a month, Istanbul is always added to this list.

It is not expensive to travel in this city because the trams and subways are quite economical. There is a lot to explore in other cities in Turkey and if you want to enjoy a hot air balloon ride, Cappadocia is a must to visit.


If you want to be in close contact with nature, Vermont is the place to visit. Cruises on Lake Champlain allow you to enjoy the best view especially if you go there in the evening. Lake Champlain has the longest cruising at 140 feet in length and it has all the advanced facilities that a tourist could possibly need. Other than that, there is a lot more to visit like the Shelburne Museum, Ethan Allen Homestead, Smugglers Notch, Stowe and many more.

However, make sure you are relying on the most reliable banking services for an easy and cost-effective commute around the city. Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard is very beneficial for those who choose Cathay for national or international travel. It will give you peace of mind and you can also get discounts.

New Jersey

Liberty State Park is one of New Jersey’s famous tourist attractions. There are several monuments in this park that make it even special while the 36 acre salt marsh is another attraction. Apart from that, the pine barrels, the Delaware Valley, and the heritage of Bayshore are also important places that may be worth a visit.

Winter is a good time to explore such places because you can enjoy the peace and the true colors of nature. The cost to New Jersey is not high, but living expenses may vary depending on which hotel you choose to stay at.

Hunza, Pakistan

When it comes to traveling the world, Pakistan is not the place to be avoided as it is a hub of natural beauty. Northern Pakistan has so much to explore. Hunza is one of the amazing places with gigantic mountains, rivers and huge snow capped trees that look so amazing you might feel like indulging in this scene.

It is not expensive to get there. Hunza apples are quite famous all over the world as there are more than twelve kinds of apples grown there. You can even visit Gilgit and other places as the second tallest mountain in the world is also found in Pakistan.


It’s hard to resist the breathtaking views of Udaipur. You can explore artificial lakes, Jagdish temple and amazing palaces in Udaipur. Lake Pichola is quite famous here and tourists from all over the world visit this place because of its wonderful view. The Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace and Bagore ki Haveli are worth a visit, especially if you are eager to delve into the details of the history.

Calcutta and Shimla are also beautiful cities in India, so if you go, try to visit at least three cities to get a feel for the real essence. Traveling in India is easy and you can manage finances through the bureau de change or Mastercard.

Bora Bora

The small island of French Polynesia is known for its tropical beauty. The eye-catching beaches and mesmerizing views from this location should not be missed when planning a world tour. Winter 2021 is the best time to explore what Bora Bora has.

Hikers always love to travel here, but it can get a bit expensive. Cathay Pacific offers flights to Bora Bora, but if you get the Standard Chartered MasterCard, there are several discount offers that can lower the cost of the flight.


While making a travel list, no one can ignore London as it is the dream location for many. Outside of the National Gallery and Tower Bridge, there is a lot more to explore. The hectic life of London fascinates everyone and everyone loves to walk down Oxford Street.

The food here is great and you can try hundreds of cuisines, but be sure to sample the food from the local street stalls as restaurants can get very expensive. London Bridge is always at the top of the list for writers and artists because they love to feel the sunset sitting on this bridge.

Maroon Bells, United States

The Crystal Clear Maroon Lake is quite fascinating and you can spend hours looking at the lake. Hiking trails and wildflowers attract everyone and for photography you cannot miss the amazing details of this tourist spot. Fly – fishermen always find this perfect place to visit.

The Grand Canyon and the Blue Ridge Mountains are also wonderful places in the United States that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, so this winter may be a good time to visit.


There is a lot to explore in Italy, but the Amalfi Coast is known for its extravagant beauty. This place is one of the places of attraction for filmmakers. Rome and Venice have iconic art that appeals to everyone. The Colosseum and the Pantheon should be on your list when visiting Rome.

Apart from that, the fascinating sights of this city have a lot to enjoy and if you have a deep interest in art or history, the museums in this city should not be missed.

In short, the places mentioned above are worth a visit in the winter of 2021, so you should plan your vacation accordingly.

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