The Unfinished Earthen Rotunda Church is a tourist attraction in Fujian

With a blend of Christianity and local Chinese culture, a tulou The church (a walled and fortified earthen building) in Fujian being rebuilt becomes a popular tourist attraction during the summer tourist season.

Last Thursday, more than 50 believers from Shandong, Jilin and Fuzhou in Fujian gathered at a round earthen church in Yongding District, Longyan City, listening to the construction of the church which promotes the localization of Christianity.

As the Hukeng Gathering Site in Yongding District has become a very dangerous building, CC&TSPM of Yongding District decided to rebuild the site as an earthen castle to develop Christianity in the Chinese context. With the foundation stone laid on December 31, 2020, the main building had been completed with financial support from different sectors. Combining Chinese culture, the elements of “interpreting, teaching and using the scriptures” will be integrated into the new decoration.

In conclusion, Reverend Zheng Rujian, Chairman of the Longyan Christian Council, shared a sermon on the achievements of the practice of indigenization of sinicization since the construction of the tulou Church, followed by prayers for the speedy completion of the church.

– Translated by Abigail Wu


The Unfinished Earthen Rotunda Church is a tourist attraction in Fujian

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