Streets near Olympic venues remain quiet as COVID continues to disrupt Tokyo

TOKYO (WFLA) – With no foreign or local spectators allowed in Tokyo, it’s not just the Olympic venues that are empty.

The streets of the host city of the Olympic Games are remarkably quiet.

“Going out to dinner, going out and seeing the city, everything is going to be much more restricted,” said Marian Goldberg, travel expert in Japan.

In the days leading up to the games, restaurants and hotels were empty. Athletes, employees and journalists in Japan are severely restricted for at least 14 days. This means that tourist attractions, new and old, won’t see even a fraction of the visitors they hoped for.

“It’s like a once in a lifetime experience and it’s going to be different. Not what they really expected, ”Goldberg said.

She says tourism will take a big hit during this year’s games.

“There were so many new hotels that opened, especially in Tokyo but also in other places in Japan, and everyone was expecting all of these tourists,” she said. “They expected fully booked hotel rooms at the best price and they won’t.”

However, at the end of the day, the show must go on. Although people may not be here, organizers are hopeful that Japan will still have the opportunity to shine on the world stage.

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