Sheriff still looking for information in Toppenish

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office continues to seek information and people to talk to regarding a Toppenish High School principal and an English teacher who authorities say sold drugs and alcohol to students in the Toppenish School District.

If you attended a party with John and Bertha Cerna, call the sheriff

Detectives say they are still investigating all allegations that “underage students attended parties hosted by John and Bertha Cerna where students may have been offered alcohol, drugs and sex.”
John and Bertha Cerna both remain on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues.

Authorities are investigating, no charges have been laid

Detectives are looking for anyone who may have attended one of the parties, regardless of the time of year. In other words, you may have attended a party years ago. It’s okay, the authorities say they still want to talk to you. An article on the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page states that “our interest is in getting the truth about the allegations to see if the criminal charges are appropriate for the Cernas. Please call our office at (509) 574-2500. You will meet our phone Press option 3 and then option 1.
Authorities say if you’ve been to such a party, detectives just want to talk to you. They say that no one offering information will be charged with a crime, so they say there is no reason you shouldn’t call if you have information to offer that could help local authorities.

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