Shehbaz “will pay” for Nawaz’s extended stay in London


The federal cabinet decided on Tuesday that it would go to the Lahore High Court (LHC) to seek the disqualification of opposition leader in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif for presenting a “false affidavit” and for his inability to bring his brother – former convicted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif – back to Pakistan from London.

In the press conference following the cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said the government, through the prosecutor General of Pakistan, will ask the court to order Shehbaz either to take action for his brother or to be disqualified for presenting a false affidavit, which constitutes a violation of article 63 of the Constitution.

The Federal Information Minister said the cabinet gave the green light to take legal action against the PML-N chairman because he guaranteed his brother’s return after receiving medical treatment from the PML-N. foreigner within a specified time, but this did not happen.

“Shehbaz was fully involved in sending Nawaz Sharif abroad,” the minister said, adding that the drama that had been staged over Nawaz’s health was untrue.

Calling the ex-prime minister’s departure a “fraud,” Fawad said the ex-prime minister on three occasions had not received any treatment abroad in the past 17 months and that medical reports qu ‘he had sent to the Punjab government had been rejected because they did not match. previous reports.

In November 2019, Nawaz left the country after signing a court-approved pledge, saying he would return to the country within four weeks. Shehbaz also signed a pledge, which stipulated that he “would ensure the return” of his brother “within four weeks or upon certification by doctors that he has recovered his health and is fit to return to Pakistan.”

Nawaz was allowed to leave the country for a period of four weeks, extendable on the basis of medical reports. At the time, the government agreed to allow Nawaz to travel abroad, provided that compensation obligations in the amount of Rs 7-7.5 billion were provided.

The PML-N rejected the condition and took the matter to the LHC, which ordered the federal government to remove Nawaz’s name from the exit checklist unconditionally.

He left for London after being released on bail to a seven-year sentence for corruption. Later, failing to appear before various courts, he was declared an offender.

The government now believes that Nawaz remained in London despite his good health and should therefore be brought back.

Meanwhile, the Information Minister said the cabinet, after being briefed on the Covid-19 situation, expressed determination not to impose a lockdown this time around, keeping in mind the economic situation of the country.

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Explaining that a vaccine worth $ 2 billion has so far been used, Fawad hoped there would be no need for a lockdown this time around.

At first, Fawad said the prime minister and cabinet expressed sorrow over the Murree tragedy, saying action would be taken once the commission of inquiry submits its report in seven days.

While providing details of the incident, Fawad said about 164,000 vehicles entered Murree and people in just five vehicles died after inhaling carbon monoxide while stranded on a road between. Guldana and Bariyan during a snowstorm.

While expressing his sadness and sorrow at the deaths, the Minister of Information stressed that Pakistan was witnessing a revolution in the tourism sector and that the relevant authorities should remain vigilant to deal with the increasing number of tourists visiting different regions like the British era system. cannot accommodate a large number of people.

He said the cabinet had tasked the Prime Minister’s special assistant for tourism to brief the cabinet on steps taken to organize the tourism sector.

Fawad said the PTI government was developing 13 new towns or tourist sites, saying none had been developed in the past 75 years. He said more than 100,000 people visited Kumrat Valley when the prime minister shared photos from his visit even before becoming prime minister.

Among other decisions, Fawad said the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) will receive electronic voting machines (EVMs) by April 15, as ECP said local body elections are scheduled to take place on April 15. He said the EVMs will be provided to ECP so that LG’s next election can be conducted through the EVMs.

In addition, the minister said that a housing project on 400 kanal lands was being launched for overseas Pakistanis, saying it would include around 6,000 apartments and houses. Sharing the goal of the program, he said that all overseas Pakistanis who have Roshan digital accounts would be able to invest in the housing project. He was hoping the government would get about $ 2 billion out of the project.

The minister further informed that the cabinet had asked the Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs to sit with the Board of Investment and deliberate on a program to allow foreign citizens to buy property in Pakistan.

Citing the example of Turkey, which recently allowed foreigners to buy property in the country, he said that if anyone wanted to buy property in Kartarpur, he could. He called the project a “game changer,” adding that foreigners could buy houses, hotels and invest in real estate businesses once the program is approved. He said the project would enjoy full legal protection.

He said the cabinet approved the Sambrial-Kharian highway, saying the prime minister focused on launching the Kharian-Rawalpindi highway. Among other decisions, he said, the cabinet authorized the importation of 50,000 tonnes of fertilizer from China, adding that Rs 50 billion had been granted to Chinese PPIs and that the “difference of opinion Was resolved. The cabinet also approved the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, 2021.

During the question-and-answer session, Fawad surmised that PML-N lawmakers would quit the party one by one.

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