Remember when they filmed Batman vs. Superman in East Lansing?

I was working on my article on the past and present of East Lansing when I saw a picture from the Broad Art Museum that made me stop and think, “Oh yeah, that made got there, didn’t he! “.

The thing that happened:

Warner Bros. filmed part of the movie “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” there!

Do you remember when Warner Brothers came to the state of Michigan to film the new Batman movie? Even though the filming took place in October 2014, I still remember the buzz that swept through downtown East Lansing when the film crews moved in. It was electric!

Like most film shoots, the crews tried to keep things a secret in various ways; the signs indicating the way to the filming location did not have the name of the film (they had the name of another, film-like appearance on the signs – another form of deterrence), giant fences and bushes were installed around the perimeter of the Broad Art Museum, roadblocks were erected on parts of the campus next to the museum and security was strict.

Everyone was hoping to catch a glimpse of Amy Adams (Lois Lane) or Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman), but I was on the hunt for a glimpse of Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman). So I made a plan …

While working at a local sandwich shop, part of my job was handing out free samples of our sandwiches. I thought, who doesn’t like free food? So, I figured I would use that as an excuse to make my way onto the set. And it worked ! I was able to get through the barricades and enter the set, led by a very friendly (and hungry) security person. However, a few feet from the casting, the security manager decided that I had gone far enough and that he would ask the extras to come to me for free food. Not exactly what I had hoped for, but I got a little glimpse of how they make the movie magical, and it was cool.

Do you have any memories of their filming at the Broad Art Museum? Or photos? We would love to hear your story! Tell us by sending us a message with the station app.

Here’s a clip from the movie that features the Broad Art Museum – they ended up using it as Lex Luther’s mansion!

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