Ravalli County sees spike in COVID cases

Ravalli County Public Health reported a spike in the COVID-19 disease reported in the Bitterroot Valley on Friday. Tiffany Webber said in a press release that of the 500 active cases on Friday, 115 involved children 18 and under. She also said the number of “breakthrough” cases exceeded 200. A breakthrough case is a positive COVID test from a fully vaccinated person. However, she reported that most of those people involved people in “high exposure” fields such as healthcare and utilities or people with underlying health conditions.

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (MDPHHS) reported 88 new positive tests over the weekend in Ravalli County and 161 in Missoula County. Statewide, the DPHHS had a report on Monday of 1,247 new positive COVID-19 tests over the weekend.

Ravalli County officials strongly recommend vaccinations, and people should consult their health care provider or pediatrician about the vaccine. Hospitalizations are also on the rise – ranging from short stays to more intensive stabilization and ventilation. Ministry of Health guidelines include physical distancing and frequent hand washing. You must wear a mask inside (whether or not you are vaccinated). Unvaccinated people should avoid crowds and poorly ventilated areas. And stay home if you feel sick.

Ravalli County Public Health also thanked school principals in the valley for the strategies that provided a safe in-person environment and kept the schools open.

A Montana DPHHS statement on Monday, September 27, said a new Montana-based report showed that more than 88% of positive cases from February to September this year were from people not fully vaccinated, including those who were not still eligible for vaccines.

Montana DPHHS Director Adam Meier said: “The data is overwhelming. The COVID-19 vaccine offers the best protection against infection and prevention of serious illness … If you have not been vaccinated and you still have questions, I encourage all eligible Montanais to consult their care provider health care provider or their pharmacist. There is more information on the Montana Department website.

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