Mount Nemrut receives 30,000 visitors per month


Mount Nemrut, one of the world’s most important historical and cultural heritage sites, was visited by nearly 30,000 visitors last month after authorities decided to ease most restrictions related to COVID-19 .

Rising 2,134 meters above Adıyaman Province in southeast Turkey, Mount Nemrut welcomed nearly 1,000 visitors every day in June, said Adıyaman museum director , Mehmet Alkan.

Known for its stunning sunset and sunrise views, Mount Nemrut is on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

One of the highest peaks in the eastern Taurus mountain range in southeastern Anatolia, Mount Nemrut is believed to have been the site of a first-century royal tomb.

The sanctuary at the top of Mount Nemrut was built by Antiochos I for himself as a burial monument over 2000 years ago.

The colossal heads of Apollo, Zeus, Hercules and Antiochos I and several Greek and Persian gods also adorn the top.

According to Alkan, thanks to the school holidays, the number of people visiting Mount Nemrut will increase even more in the coming days.

Alkan invited local and foreign tourists to Adıyaman to see the beauty of Mount Nemrut.


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