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MEDIAlliance International, member of the NRB, is reach the excluded through strategic partnerships with those “who serve in places of challenge and difficulty for the cause of Christ.”

The international Christian organization trains, assists, connects, consults, mentors and encourages media professionals around the world who can harness the potential of communication technologies to make the Christian message accessible to millions of people around the world. Through on-the-ground efforts and one-on-one virtual training sessions, MEDIAlliance helps Christian leaders multiply their skills – and reach – in traditional broadcasting and digital media.

“MEDIAlliance International really started with the work I had done at National Religious Broadcasters,” said MEDIAlliance Founder and Chairman Dr. Ron Harris. “I served for nearly five years as Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at NRB, and it was an opportunity for NRB to grow the international footprint, so to speak, both with the people who joined NRB, but also that we could recognize and help those around the world. . It was a good opportunity. In fact, it was so good for me that in my heart I felt a strong desire to focus more about international work It was from there, almost ten years ago, that we launched MEDIAlliance International.

“Many of our NRB members have accompanied us to various places around the world, whether in Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, India or Egypt,” Dr Harris added. “NRB members and others have been our partner for expert Christian media professionals who have partnered with us in media training for Christian pastors and leaders.”

These supportive partnerships are crucial for those sharing the gospel in challenging areas.

“It is a blessing to be able to step in as Christian American broadcasters and provide those who have been called by God in their own cultures, who may not have access to the media resources that we have,” said Harris. “We are doing our best to provide these people with what they need to serve God better and to share the gospel more effectively.

As an organization funded entirely by the generosity of donors, MEDIAlliance offers its services free of charge, a ministry that is not without its challenges.

“When we travel, we pay for our journey, our accommodation and our meals. We don’t charge those we serve for any of the things we do,” Harris said. “As you can imagine, one of our challenges is having the financial resources. Ultimately, I learned that it is crucial to let people know what God is doing, inspiring them to the point where they want to be part of the mission financially. When that happens, you don’t just have donors or individuals giving money; you have people who are true partners with your ministry in sharing the gospel throughout the world.

Through long-standing relationships with partners in countries where the evangelical population is less than two percent, MEDIAlliance is expanding its global ministry footprint and opening new regional offices. The ministry recently announcement the launch of three new offices serving Asia, Europe and South America. MEDIAlliance-Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand, will serve Indonesia, South Korea, India and Thailand. MEDIAlliance-Europe, based in Timisoara, Romania, will serve Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the North of the continent. MEDIAlliance-Brazil, based in Recife, will serve the South American continent by reaching the Portuguese-speaking population of Latin America.

“These offices will help focus our Christian media training and expand training for media leaders in three key geographies,” Harris said in a statement. Press release. “There is a greater need than ever for the gospel and today’s media tools are a powerful way to share the story of God’s great love for our lost world. These new offices will help us renew our focus and help us more to share God’s hope with all.

From October 17-20, Christian media professionals from twenty countries, including South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Romania, Albania, Paraguay, Brazil, Ukraine, India and Thailand, gathered at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas to network and fellowship at the MEDIAlliance International Summit, which included remarks from NRB President and CEO Troy A. Miller. In January 2023, MEDIAlliance will convene Christian leaders for the first forum in its Asian office in Bangkok. The MEDIAlliance-Asia Leadership Forum will offer leadership and training sessions for Christian media leaders across the continent, including remarks by author and speaker Dr. Phil Cooke of NRB member Cooke Media Group.

On the importance of advancing excellence in Christian communications, Harris commented, “It is one of the greatest calls for us in Christian media to establish a standard of excellence so high that we capture the attention of our audience by what we do in our efforts to offer the powerful and life-changing message of the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Harris credits the influence of Dr. Henry Blackaby, founder of Blackaby Ministries International, to Oswald Chambers in the early 20eScottish Baptist evangelist and teacher of the last century, and Harris’s own pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, whom Dr. Harris considers a spiritual mentor. He noted Al Sandersfounder of the Ambassador Advertising Agency, as a “pioneer of Christian media”.

“I remember very early on as a member of the NRB, I learned a lot from the heroes of the NRB who set a standard of excellence and creativity,” Harris said. “Al Sanders is the one I vividly remember taking the time to critique some of my work to help me understand how to do my job better to advance the Kingdom.”

“NRB is such a powerful and powerful tool for some of the same reasons that we at MEDIAlliance work with people around the world to learn media techniques and technologies and build relationships,” Harris said. “I encourage all broadcasters to attend NRB conventions year after year, to build on the relationships established there, and then to reinvest in the association with each person’s level of experience and expertise in broadcasting and ministry.”

In his latest book,The voice behind you: Memoirs of an ordinary life led by an extraordinary GodHarris, with honesty and humor, tells the story of his testimony and of God’s faithfulness.

Harris has been with NRB for over 30 years, serving as a convention speaker and former member of many of NRB’s governing bodies, including the Board of Directors, President’s Council, International Committee and Executive Committee. Harris previously served as chairman of the board. In 2020, Harris was named the first Chairman of the NRB Board of Governors, which will serve as an advisory board to the Executive Committee. MEDIAlliance has been a member of the NRB since 2013, and Harris received the 2019 William Ward Ayer Award and was inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame in 2022 – NRB’s most prestigious award given to an individual NRB member for “an invaluable contribution to the field of Christian communications, exhibiting the highest standards and demonstrating faithfulness to Christ”.

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