Medellin offers tourists more destinations, more adventures

CEBU, Philippines—Medellin is one of the most exciting cities tourist destinations in the province of Cebu.

This peaceful and quiet second-class municipality in the north has more to offer than being the sugar bowl of the province of Cebu.

Besides its white sand beaches, panoramic sunrise and sunset views, Medellin is home to many other adventures.

Medellin offers destinations like coral reefs, rivers, an artificial canal and adventure rides for tourists.

Recently, the city has become really famous for its “alley of Medellin” and its bamboo forest.

Bonsai Capital and Golf Capital of Cebu

Apart from this, the city is also planning to become the city of Cebu “Bonsai Capital” and “Golfing Capital”, according to Medellin tourism manager Gyles Anthony Villamor.

“We also aim to earn the title of ‘The Bonsai Capital of Cebu,'” Villamor said.

(We are also aiming to earn the title of “The Bonsai Capital of Cebu” as there is no other city with so many decades-old bonsai collections.)

The Laguerta Perino Bonsai Collection in the city’s Barangay Dayhagon houses different varieties of age-old bonsai collections.

According to Villamor, these collections have been open to the public during the pandemic.

Viilamor told CDN Digital that the LGU is also planning to have its own floating restaurant on the Dagusungan River soon.

Naa nay ana proposal modeled after Loboc in Bohol. Dagusungan River is 1.9 kilometers na siya pasulod, taas na sya. “, did he declare.

(We also have a proposal inspired by Loboc in Bohol. The Dagusungan River is 1.9 kilometers inland and it is a long river.)

Villamor also talked about the different diving activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and snorkeling that can now be done on the city’s Gibitngil Island.

Villamor has identified at least five new dive spots in Medellin—(2) in Gibitngil Island and (3) in Sitio Lapaan.

Tourism during the pandemic

During the pandemic, Villamor said Medellin’s tourism industry was barely affected.

“Daghan ta’g bag-o gyod since the nagpandemic. Uban gud man started to protect himself from the pandemic, he is near. Ang Medellin nabali. Pagpandemic daghan nuon tag open,” Villamor said.

(We have several new [places to visit] since the pandemic. Others would say that many have been affected by the pandemic, many [establishments] farm. In Medellin, it was reversed. When the pandemic hit, many opened.)

“Open the bamboo forest, you will open full throttle all men in Cebu City, all urban areas, you will relax with pleasure, you will relax with pleasure. Gusto moadto og probinsya kay ubos2 man og kaso sa Covid sa probinsya at this time of the pandemic so managan og probinsya. So nangita og nature,” he added.

(The bamboo forest opened up, it became a full throttle opening because the people of Cebu City, urban areas, would like to relax, they like to relax. So they like to go to the province or (areas rural) because there are less cases of COVID in the province at this time of the pandemic, so they ran to the province, so they sought nature.)

In fact, more tourist attractions and restaurants have opened since the pandemic, which Villamor says has also opened up more opportunities for locals here.

So, CDN Digital has listed these 14 tourist destinations in Medellin that will make your trip a blast!

bamboo forest

Photo by Doris Mondragon

Laguerta Perino’s bonsai collection

Medellin - La Guerta Perino's bonsai collection

Photo courtesy of DOT-7

Funtastic Medellin

Medellin - Funtastic Medellin

Photo courtesy of Medellin LGU FB page

Sadagat Beach Camp

Medellin - Sadagat Beach Camp

Photo courtesy of Sadagat Beach Camp FB page

Medellin - Sadagat Beach Camp

Photo courtesy of Sadagat Beach Camp FB page

Medellin - Sadagat Beach Camp

Photo courtesy of Sadagat Beach Camp FB page

Medellin - Sadagat Beach Camp

Photo courtesy of Sadagat Beach Camp FB page

Medellin - Sadagat Beach Camp

Photo courtesy of Sadagat Beach Camp FB page

Bantayan Beach in Tindog, Medellin

Photo courtesy of Brenjeng Caayon

At dock

Photo courtesy of Medellin LGU FB page

Dagusungan River Canal at Dayhagon

Photo courtesy of Kel Mike (FB)

Kawit Shore

Photo by Doris Mondragon

Milk tea by the sea (Artea)

Food at Artea By the Sea Medellin | Photo by Doris Mondragon

Sunset view at Artea By the Sea Medellin | Photo by Doris Mondragon

Mahawak coastline

Medellin Alley

Photo by: Michel Sagonoy

Medellin Museum

Photo courtesy of Cebu Provincial Tourism Board FB page

Pasil sandbar on Gibitngil Island

Photo courtesy of Medellin LGU FB page

Buwaran sa Kawit

Photo by Doris Mondragon

Photo by Doris Mondragon


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