‘It’s a Wrap Cafe’ on Fenn Street in Pittsfield for sale

One of my earliest memories of moving to Pittsfield is when my mother-in-law told me she had just had lunch at That’s A Wrap on Tyler St.

Prior to moving to 132 Fenn Street, That’s A Wrap was located at 496 Tyler Street. He also had locations in Williamstown and Dalton at one point.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly not been easy for the restaurant industry, both locally and nationally. With restaurants temporarily shutting down at the start of the pandemic and the staffing shortages they are currently facing, this is just not good.

Patrick’s Pub in downtown Pittsfield recently announced it was for sale, and now another popular lunch spot is shutting down.

In a social media post on Tuesday, That’s A Wrap announced:

It is with bittersweet emotion to announce that That’s a Wrap Cafe has its last take. It has been a difficult year and a half for everyone, as we know. With rising costs, shortages of personnel and products, it was a difficult journey. However, we are excited to expand our other business ventures.

We are very grateful to our loyal, hardworking and selfless staff who have been with us, some for over 13 years. We are also very grateful to those who have supported us throughout these years.

Anyone interested in continuing this business, coffee is for sale. We are entertaining offers to buy our coffee. We have creative funding available and would love to see the next passionate foodservice entrepreneur take the wheel. We can be reached at 413 446 9582 or 413 329 6688. -Jason and Oana Boucher.

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