How Air Peace and other airlines were restructured to reduce survival costs

The Lagos state government has said it is taking action to prevent a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic after the second wave flattens.

It’s as he pointed out that all of its facilities have been placed on high alert to pick up early trends that could suggest another wave of Covid-19 in the state.

This disclosure was contained in a statement released on Monday by Lagos State Health Commissioner Professor Akin Abayomi, warning that a trigger for a third wave of Covid-19 in Lagos was likely with importation new strains of Covid-19 from arrivals. The travellers.

He noted that all progress made in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic would be lost without improved border surveillance against the importation of new and mutant strains, which could trigger the third wave.

He said the state will enforce isolation and testing guidelines for travelers and closely monitor positive cases for variants.

What the Lagos State Health Commissioner says

Abayomi in her statement said: “Currently countries like India, Brazil, Argentina, Iraq, Qatar, Peru and Uruguay are ravaged by a vicious third or fourth wave following a less active second or third wave. and insignificant.

The latest wave in India has been proven to be the result of new mutant strains that led to a dramatic increase in illness and death for two consecutive weeks. As we sympathize with countries like these, it is important that we protect our environment and our residents from this virus, eespecially since we only have less than one percent of our population that received their first dose of the similar Oxford Astra-Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine in India which has around eight percent. ”

He said the state government authorized immediate action to fully implement recent protocols announced by the federal government for every inbound traveler.

These measures include banning entry to non-Nigerian passengers who have traveled to Brazil, India or Turkey in the past fortnight due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus in the three countries.

He said, “All passengers arriving in Nigeria will now be required to present a negative COVID-19 test passed within 72 hours of travel instead of the previous 96-hour period.

So I ordered that all of these protocols be made more stringent to protect the residents of Lagos State from an impending third wave.

As part of these protocols, passengers must self-isolate for the required seven days and will be strictly monitored by phone calls by our EKOTELEMED platform and physical visits to passengers’ homes by our surveillance teams. ”

He warned that anyone who broke the rule or gave a false phone number or address to evade protocol would be identified.

He said those people would be forced to self-isolate at any government or public-private isolation center or identified hotels for 10 days at their expense.

The commissioner added that violators would be fined, while the passports of native passengers would be forwarded to authorities for deactivation and foreigners could be deported.

He said the state will also improve its ability to conduct additional testing on all positive cases to help determine the predominant strains in the environment.

Abayomi said: “Residents are always urged to stick to established protocols to always wear face masks during public gatherings, wash their hands and maintain social distancing, even after receiving the vaccine. ”

In case you missed it

The federal government, in its new travel advice directive, has announced that it will ban passengers who have visited India, Brazil and Turkey in the past 14 days from entering the country.

This is part of the precautionary measures introduced by the government to reduce the risk of peak Covid-19 infections due to travelers from other countries, as concerns about the new wave of coronavirus disease in some parts of the world continue to increase.

This new travel advisory, subject to revision after an initial period of 4 weeks, will come into effect on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

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