Hotels are starting to see an increase in tourists (Update)

Russians are currently spending their vacations in about 20 hotels in the Famagusta district, while Russian and Israeli tourists occupy 12 hotels in the Paphos district.

Although the overall number is low, visitors to both of these markets continue to come to Cyprus despite the latest lockdown, Paphos Hoteliers Association spokesperson Evripides Loizides said.

Referring to the lockdown, he said we shouldn’t look at those negatively affected today but focus on the months ahead, June and July.

“Hoteliers want their employees to participate in the vaccination program for their safety and that of visitors. As soon as the vaccination portal opens for people aged 30 and over, the situation will improve. “

For now, hoteliers are awaiting an announcement regarding Britain’s categorization of Cyprus, the country’s main tourist market, on May 7.

Mass tourism cannot be expected if the number of new coronavirus cases and rapid antigen test results continue to be high, Loizides concluded.

Around 20 hotels are currently operating in the Famagusta district, while several owners of tourist accommodation have expressed interest in the opening, announced Doros Takkas, head of the Famagusta branch of the Cyprus Hotel Assosciation (Pasyxe ).

He said a limited number of Russian tourists started arriving by air from April 4 after being granted a special permit.

“This special permit exists today and may not exist tomorrow,” he added.

Like Loizides, Takkas expressed hope that the situation will improve and that the vaccination program will run successfully.

“It is truly admirable that some tourists dare to come to Cyprus in the middle of a lockout and suffer from various restrictions because they cannot enjoy their vacation as they should,” he commented.

He said flights from the UK will start before the end of July.

“On the other hand, tourists from Scandinavian countries have pushed back the start date of their holidays four to five times, while Central Europe has put Cyprus in the red category, which means we are not a destination. attractive and at the same time there is a very serious connectivity problem. “

“There are Russian tourists, because they are not allowed in Turkey or Egypt, Cyprus is sort of their only choice.”

The head of the hotel association believes that vaccinations should be carried out seven days a week and that people employed in the tourism industry should be given priority.

“One of Pasyxe’s constant demands is that the vaccination of people who work or are employed in the tourism industry, regardless of their age, from bus and taxi drivers to restaurant waiters, to hotel employees and generally to anyone who comes in contact with tourists should be done quickly. “

Commenting on people who don’t want to be vaccinated, he said:

“Officials must immediately organize a campaign with internationally renowned figures who will convince people of the usefulness and accuracy of vaccinations. The government should also grant privileges to those who are vaccinated, such as allowing them to move around without texting and performing a rapid test, while those who do not wish to be vaccinated are subject to existing restrictions.

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