Gay tourism director forced to apologize for ‘homophobic’ tweet

A Twitter exchange about the history of panucho – a popular snack in Yucatán – ended with an apology from the state’s tourism director.

Yucatan tourism official Michelle Fridman Hirsch has apologized after weeks of backlash over an ‘unfortunate’ response to former official Víctor Cervera Hernández, who filed a complaint with the human rights commission man.

It was a strange situation for Fridman Hirsch, who is openly gay but misinterpreted Cervera Hernández after a pedantic dispute over the spelling of a town’s name and the true history of panucho.

“Turkey panuchos are a very traditional dish statewide, but at Tixcocob you’ll find a unique recipe that replaces the turkey with a boiled egg,” the manager tweeted while sharing a recipe for making panuchos. panuchos with a boiled egg. The post was part of a “365 flavors” campaign.

Hours later, Cervera Hernández responded with a bit of sarcasm.

“This lady discovering hilo negro and hot water. If she knew how panucho evolved, she would know that they were made from eggs and before only with tomato and ground pepita. By the way, it’s Tixkokob,” wrote Cervera Hernández.

With a wink emoji, Fridman Hirsch replied, in Spanish, “From lady to lady… Thank you for the explanation on the evolution of panucho.”

“You are wrong, I am not a woman,” was the reply. “I’m a gentleman who avoids answering you like you deserve, but you wouldn’t understand because a lady has an education you lack.”

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So a little tweet about Yucatán’s culinary heritage got ugly fast. Cervera Hernández, the son of deceased former governor Víctor Cervera Pacheco and former head of the Economic Development Secretariat under former governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, called the misgender homophobic and misogynistic.

“First of all, I want to issue a public apology to anyone who may have felt attacked,” she wrote in a public apology issued two weeks after the initial exchange. “I categorically make it clear that my message was never intended to be homophobic or misogynistic, as that would have been against my own nature as a woman and as a member of the LGBT community.”

“I must admit that, like any human being, I made a mistake, the product of fatigue derived from the multiple systemic attacks perpetuated against me and what I stand for. I believe that no one should tolerate violence, even those of among us who hold public office.

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