Florida Georgia Line on the Bangor Drive In Screen in June

As for the summer, let’s hope we don’t get back to normal. Hope we will get back to better.

And investigation after investigation, we miss being on the outside during the pandemic. And it is happening, or is going to happen more and more as the weather improves. It’s also a popular response to say that you miss live concerts. And we are hopeful, but it is not yet completely firm that live concerts will take place this summer. This is not a prediction, but who knows if we are affected by another strain of the Corona virus or something else happens, these shows may not be working at full capacity.

Remember that last summer there were concerts on screen at Drive In Theaters. Garth made one. And this year, Florida Georgia Line announced that it is bringing the experience of live concerts to theaters in North America. It will be at Bangor Drive In and Skowhegan Drive In. The date is Saturday June 12theAlso on the big screen Nelly, Chase Rice and Rachel Wammack.

Here is the hope that all is well, and we are indeed getting back to better. Live concerts, movies and in-car concerts, barbecues, picnics, visiting friends and extended family and traveling. And sunny and 75 every day.

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