‘Feel safe here’: Ukrainian holidaymakers arrive at Turkish resorts

Tourist facilities in the resort town of MuÄŸla in southwestern Turkey, which have completed all preparations under the new COVID-19 measures, have started welcoming the first groups of Ukrainian tourists who say they are safe in the country and are fascinated by the beauty of its Mediterranean and the Aegean coasts.

The first group of Ukrainian tourists, a total of 350 vacationers, landed in MuÄŸla on April 28. The group will spend approximately two weeks in the tourist hotspots of Fethiye and Marmaris.

All kinds of measures have been taken in the region against the spread of COVID-19 and it has been guaranteed that there will be no compromises in the facilities. Visitors to Blue Flag hotels and beaches are allowed to enter the sea and swimming pool and move around the sunbathing areas in accordance with social distancing rules.

“I particularly admire Marmaris. I spend my vacation in MuÄŸla and love it, ”Tatyana Skrayvien, one of the tourists, told Anadolu (AA) agency while praising the measures taken against COVID-19. “We feel safe here.”

Natali Suveyt, another Ukrainian tourist, said she chose MuÄŸla for a pleasant vacation. “This is my seventh visit to Turkey. It is leading among the countries fighting the coronavirus. “

Dimitri Movcan came to MuÄŸla for the first time with his family. “MuÄŸla is a great place for vacation … I am delighted.

Cengiz TuÄŸrul Ayaz, general manager of YDA Dalaman Airport, an international airport and one of three serving southwestern Turkey, said most tourists visiting the city each year are from the UK, from Russia and Ukraine.

“We expect 8,500 Ukrainian tourists to the region until May 17,” he said.

According to reservations, around 160,000 Ukrainian passengers are expected to arrive in Dalaman during the holiday season, he added.

Turkey was also the No.1 choice for Ukrainian tourists in 2020, thanks to its health holiday opportunities during the coronavirus, new data revealed earlier.

According to a report by the Association of Mediterranean Tourism Hoteliers (AKTOB), 750,000 Ukrainians traveled abroad as tourists last year, with 560,000 preferring Turkey.

Almost all of these tourists chose the Mediterranean resort town of Antalya in Turkey thanks to the introduction of the “Safe Tourism Certification Program” in mid-2020. The program – coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with several other relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Health – sets out a series of measures for various sectors, including hotels and transport, designed to protect the state health of holidaymakers and facility workers.

The country now plans to complete the vaccination of all employees in the tourism industry before the end of May, according to earlier statements by officials.

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations for tourism workers at various facilities, including hotels and restaurants, as well as travel agencies, began earlier this month.

Employees of the aviation industry, including pilots and cabin crews, have also started to receive their blows.

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