Cousin Eddie or Breaking Bad on the streets of Twin Falls, ID

And the cat in the hat appeared. The motorhome was parked along a street that I sometimes cross on my way home from work. This partially obscures traffic coming from the left as I cross the intersection. I try to wait until I think a car will pass him before I get out of the stop sign. Until Sunday, I didn’t think much about the camper and then it hit me. Cousin Eddie! National Lampoon Vacation movies. With the character played by Chevy Chase, a comedy team rivaling the best of all time.

I turned around and took a picture of the motorhome. A dog inside barked loudly.

I turned around and took a picture of the motorhome. A dog inside barked loudly. Then I posted a photo on Facebook and some reviewers suggested it looked like the Breaking Bad lab as well. I’ve never seen more than two episodes of the show, but I remember what they are about.

As I continued my way home, I spotted the cat in the hat. There had been a garage sale in the same house the day before. In fact, there are frequent sales there. I have stopped in the past while looking for shelves. Apparently, Seuss’ character didn’t sell out this weekend. Of course, that would look great in the Townsquare Media lobby. Our studios are full of references to Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter and Castaway. What is another literary reference?

I was going to post another photo from the weekend. As I walked past a house, I saw what I thought was a Trump flag (there are still many flying through Twin Falls). Turns out it was a world championship flag for the Dodgers. Not so controversial!

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