Citizenship Bay opens in Nigeria with an investment offer

Citizenship Bay, a leading advisory institution, has recently commenced operations in Nigeria, providing specialized investment-based citizenship and residency for clients worldwide. The offers will provide unlimited opportunities and unanswered questions on second citizenship and residency by investment for Nigerians.

“Beyond the benefits of physical residency, citizenship and the residency-by-investment program offer opportunities to improve the quality of life.

For an investment starting at $100,000, our clients discover the possibilities of living in a world without borders and have access to the best of the world in terms of health care, education, business, quality of life, education and financial opportunities. They also benefit from better well-being, better security and the possibility of visa-free travel anywhere in the world,” said Zaid Aldayriyeh, Managing Director of Citizenship Bay.

According to Aldayriyeh, Citizenship Bay is among the world leaders in terms of residency and citizenship. Therefore, its operation in Nigeria will assist and provide answers to citizenship and residency solutions that result in unlimited benefits of visa-free travel, tax-efficient investments, and a brighter future for families, among other benefits.

Aldayriyeh said that following the global political and economic turmoil, the citizenship and residency program by investment has created the assurance of mobility insurance and an organized program towards a much improved standard of living.

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According to him, people with dual nationality have the right to take advantage of employment opportunities and the privileges attached to it without the problems of continuous renewal of their residence permit which allows them to stay in a second country.

“Our services are legal, government authorized, globally accredited and highly reputable. Our vision is to enable Nigerians to create a borderless world for themselves and their families and we are excited to begin providing guidance and counseling services to Nigerians who wish to explore citizenship or residency by investment to increase their mobility and access to an array of other benefits,” said Aldayriyeh.

Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the urge to own global mobility has increased significantly among business tycoons and wealthy investors, which can be seen in the latest studies and indicates that more than 125 000 millionaires are likely to move to safer places during the year. 2023.

Citizenship Bay offers citizenship by investment programs in Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Malta, Turkey and Vanuatu. Additionally, the company offers foreign residency through investment programs in Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

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