bne IntelliNews – Turkey suspends leave for Antalya health workers “as influx of Russian tourists increases Covid infections”

Turkey has suspended annual leave for all health workers in the Mediterranean region of Antalya – the country’s most visited tourist area – until further notice as part of the latest efforts to limit the spread of the COVID virus. 19.

The number of coronavirus cases in Antalya is at least three or four times higher than official data shows, Nursel Sahin, head of a leading medical association for the region, said last week. An influx of tourists from Russia, who have low coronavirus vaccination rates, means the delta variant of the virus has become dominant, Sahin said.

All state employees involved in tackling the coronavirus outbreak in Antalya will have the opportunity to work around the clock, the Antalya governor’s office said on Monday.

Russia allowed its citizens to resume sightseeing tours in Turkey on June 22. She banned them from traveling to Turkey in mid-April, highlighting the surge in cases of the virus in the country. Airlines fly to Turkey from 45 airports in Russia. The country supplied the most tourists to Turkey in 2019.

The UK is among the countries that still have Turkey on its ‘red’ travel list, given Ankara’s failure to reduce coronavirus infection rates to levels considered acceptable for sightseeing.

Tourism is vital to Turkey’s economy, which is why the authorities are reluctant to ban tourism for longer than they can reasonably represent as necessary.

Turkey has fully vaccinated 29.83 million people, or 35.7% of its 83.6 million citizens, against the coronavirus, according to its health ministry. The rates are 51.5% in the European Union and 58.1% in the United Kingdom.

Hurriyet Daily News reported on August 10 that the government was discussing tightening restrictions on coronaviruses in September.

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