Better protection against COVID? Vaccines or natural antibodies.

Dr Dennis Norem made his weekly visit to the show to give us the latest news on the coronavirus, COVID-19 and the vaccine deployment.

For about the 35th week in a row, Dr Norem initially wanted to focus on encouraging people to get vaccinated if they hadn’t already. I fully realize that this is becoming a record for some people, but it remains the safest way out of the pandemic according to literally every healthcare professional we spoke to on the show.

You can listen to the full interview here:

Who is safest to get COVID?

With the increase in both positive COVID cases and people admitted to hospital with COVID, Illinois and many other states have reintroduced mask warrants. No matter where you stand on the effectiveness of masks, there’s no denying that COVID and its variants are once again flowing through America’s veins.

This led to today’s question to Dr. Norem. Who is most safe from COVID? Those who are fully vaccinated, or those who contracted COVID, have improved and have natural antibodies? This is a very common rebuttal for those who are reluctant to get vaccinated and the logic makes sense. Natural immunity should be better than a vaccine, but a lot of things about COVID are generally counterintuitive.

Dr Norem appreciated the question and even prompted a “That’s a very good question.” Unfortunately, Dr. Norem, or any doctor who doesn’t have a diary, didn’t have an answer to this question. It’s just too early to tell. Dr Norem admits that it’s possible those with natural antibodies might be better protected, but that’s not something he would bet his health on.

We thank Dr Norem for his time. We covered much more than the above topic. We learn something from him every week, I’m sure you will too.

Dr Norem joins us every Monday morning at 7:05 am at 1440 WROK.

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