2022 Taitung Blue Ocean Daily – Revitalizing Top 4 Sea Leisure Destinations to Create Ocean Life Amid Our Slowing Economy

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TAITUNG COUNTY, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – September 21, 2022 – This year, the Taitung County government launched a new brand of water recreation—Blue Ocean Daily. On September 17, an opening ceremony was held on Shan Yuan Beach, honored by elders from the Peulfulangan The Friends Tribe and the Kimokeo Foundation of Hawaii – the international Austronesian maritime culture organization were invited to Taiwan for the first time. The tribesmen brought their unique tribal rituals and blessed the start of the event. Sand sculptors were also invited to take Taitung’s four major marine recreation sites and projects such as “Shanyuan Bay: South Island”, “Cultural Outrigger Canoe”, “Jinzun SUP”, “Fluvial Lake Canoe”, ” Green Island Deep Diving” as the theme. to carve sand sculptures on site. The ceremony attendants, with their oars, held an oar bonding ceremony which officially announced the start of the 2022 Taitung Blue Ocean Daily.

Newest brand of water leisure – Taitung County Government’s “Taitung Blue Ocean Daily” was launched on September 17th. Honored by Friends tribe elders, Wang Zhi-Hui, Deputy Mayor of Taitung County, Kimokeo Kapahulehua and Yu Ming-Hsun, Director of Taitung County Tourism Department announced the start of Taitung Blue Ocean Daily 2022 .

April Yao, Mayor of Taitung County, said Taitung has the longest coastline in Taiwan with two pearls on the ocean: Green Island and Orchid Island, Jinzun Fishing Port, a surfing sanctuary world-class and a living lake connected to the sea. With a spectacular environment, the Taitung county government strives to develop a model of natural and real economy to continuously energize the sea leisure base destinations and also develop and promote nautical activities. The Blue Ocean Daily helps promote and deepen prolific leisure experiences in Taitung. As the Blue Ocean Daily goes international, it focuses on three core values: promoting ocean culture, regional revitalization and cultural exchange, and connecting Taitung with the world.

The four-week Blue Ocean Daily offers 16 nautical leisure events to experience. The county government not only invited Kimokeo Kapahulehua (Unkle K), a world-class artist from Hawaii, but also introduced an Austronesian outrigger canoe to let visitors experience daily ocean life in Taitung. The Blue Ocean Daily has also launched tour packages with local tour groups, these packages include 7 outrigger canoe trips, 4 SUP experience events, 4 canoe trips and 1 minibike trip. During the gala, the tour begins at the bottom of the sea, with exciting guided tours during the day and stargazing excursions at night to introduce visitors to the charm of sea-land-air tours on the green island. During this event, exchanges between local academic groups and international organizations will take place. An international Austronesian maritime culture organization is also invited to lecture local school students on the core of indigenous culture and natural ecology. The event also promotes in-depth cultural exchange between Hawaiian groups and local tribes/communities. As part of Taitung’s connection to the world, the county government is keen to make the experience of daily life at sea more diverse and profound.

Yu Ming-Hsun, director of the Taitung County Tourism Department, pointed out how September 22 is a special day with historical significance: September 22 will be the day the legacy will continue, and on the same day, the Taitung county government will organize Austronesian ocean culture. Featuring the native tribal experience in conjunction with the Kimokeo Foundation of Hawaii and local tribes. Participants will challenge themselves to navigate long distances across the sea on outrigger canoes in Taiwan. The canoes will depart from Shan Yuan beach and sail approximately 30 km to the traditional waters of the Dulik tribe to recreate the traditional Hello: a visit made with canoes. The shore tribes will respond with horns and receive visitors from the sea according to Friends tradition, all leaving fond memories in this Blue Ocean Daily. The history of Austronesian tribes visiting and maintaining friendship on outrigger canoes has exceeded three thousand years, with Taiwan as their homeland.

The Blue Ocean Daily will restore the art of celestial navigation in ancient times and continue to promote the unique charm of outrigger canoes and beautiful seas in the future.

For more information, please visit Taitung Blue Ocean Daily FB page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083162535238

Please register for the Ocean Fun experience on the Taitung Fun Card website: https://www.ttfuncard.tw/zh-TW?tag=971644c7-72da-4505-a17b-51c4dacadc27

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