10 ambassadors visiting Israel, to visit national sites

A delegation of 10 ambassadors from different countries landed at Ben-Gurion Airport on Thursday at an invitation from Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN and Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Gilad Erdan. Ambassadors come from Ukraine, Kenya, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Australia, Tonga, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bhutan. Israel had established diplomatic relations with Bhutan last year. “I have set myself the goal of bringing as many ambassadors to Israel as possible with me in Washington and the United Nations to strengthen our position in the world and prove Israel’s right to defend itself,” Erdan said. “We will present the truth about Israel to the ambassadors, and I am confident that they will return to their countries and to the UN with a better understanding of Israel’s confrontation with the terrorist organizations.” Erdan, who organized the event, worked with Zionist Movement to bring the delegation to Israel. They will stay in the country for a few days where they will visit sites across the country and meet with senior government and military officials. Sites that ambassadors will visit include the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, Yad Vashem, and even the terrorist tunnels of Hamas and Hezbollah. .

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